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No matter how squeamish you are, we understand that pests are never welcome in your home. From rats to termites to bed bugs to cockroaches, you can count on proof. pest control to handle the dirty work and clear pests right out of your home.

Using botanically-derived products and advanced techniques, our Grand Rapids pest control team can flush pests from your home and keep them out all year long.

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termite Control in grand rapids

Causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage each year, termites are every homeowner’s biggest enemy. Sometimes, they are able to hide away and eat the wood in your house for extended periods of time before you ever even know they’re there.

You might have a termite problem if you notice:

  • Mud tubes in the ground around your house
  • Tiny wings that have been shed
  • Swarms of winged termites
  • Doors or windows that are difficult to open and shut
  • Quiet tapping sounds inside your walls

It’s important to know how to spot a termite infestation, so you can call in a team of Grand Rapids termite exterminators at proof. pest control before it’s too late.

Our 4-STep Termite Extermination Process

When our team comes to your home, you can expect our four-step termite control plan, which provides guaranteed, year-round protection.

  1. Free Inspection: Our first step is always to inspect your property first for any termite activity. We check your foundation, perimeter of your home, any basements or crawl spaces, and any other spots that are common risk areas.
  2. Develop Termite Treatment Plan: After the initial inspection, we will create a custom plan that is designed not only to get rid of any existing termites, but also to prevent future damage. We always include a digital diagram showing you any issues we have identified, followed by the steps we recommend.
  3. Active Protection: In order to help protect your home and get rid of any existing termites, we strategically place a series of bait stations around your home's perimeter. The goal of these bait stations will be to attract foraging termites who will then take the poisonous bait back to the termite colony and eliminate them.
  4. Annual Inspection: In order to make sure everything is working properly, we will always perform an annual termite inspection, both inside and outside of your home, adjusting any treatment plans as necessary.

If you ever notice any signs of termites or suspect any termite damage throughout the year, feel free to give our Grand Rapids termite removal experts at proof. a call at (248) 653-0091.

Grand Rapids rodent Control

Common Rodents in the Grand Rapids area:

  • Rats: Norway rats are among the many rodents that call Grand Rapids home, including other rat species such as mice. These little critters can burrow under your home’s foundation and reproduce at alarming rates. Homes near parks, like Millennium Park and Riverside Park, as well as those near new construction, tend to be especially susceptible.
  • Mice: Invasion of your home or business by house mice often results in them building nests, nurturing their young, and eating your food. Winter is the best time to find mice, since cold weather causes them to seek warmth, shelter, and food inside.
  • Voles: Often referred to as "meadow mice" or "field mice," there are more than 150 different species of voles, ranging from light gray to brown to almost black. Voles are known for creating small holes and tunnels through mulch during the warmer months, and running beneath the snowfall in the grass during the winter.

how do we treat for rodents?

Based on the type and severity of the pest problem, we use several different strategies to control rodents in Grand Rapids.

  • Baiting: Rodenticides used in commercial bait stations are tasteless, so mice and rats cannot detect them. The rats and mice die shortly after ingesting the bait. The rodents often die outside your home, so baiting doesn't always require removing dead rodents. It is possible to exterminate a large number of rodents using bait stations that can hold large amounts of bait.
  • Trapping: Our commercial traps allow us to precisely target rodents in specific spots around your home. Traps kill rats, which are then removed at the next service.
  • Exclusion: Exclusion involves sealing up small openings in your home where rodents can gain access. Exclusion helps prevent new rodent incursions once baiting and trapping drive out the existing rodents.

If you suspect rats are in your home, call our rat removal experts in Grand Rapids, MI for top-rated rodent control services.

    grand rapids carpenter ant Control

    Carpenter ants burrow into wood like termites do, but they don’t actually eat the wood. Still, their activities can weaken the structure of your home over time. We typically see them in homes along the Grand River and near other local water features, as they prefer damp wood over dry.

    Call (248) 653-0091 or contact us online to learn more about our services.


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    The professionals at proof. pest control offer extermination services for all kinds of pests found throughout Michigan.

    Our Grand Rapids pest control services include:

    This list is not exhaustive. No matter the pest you are dealing with, the experts here at proof. are equipped to handle them all!

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    Our Pest-Free Guarantee™ ensures you enjoy year-round pest protection. To keep your home pest free, our Grand Rapids pest control team will multiple, in-depth treatments. This service covers over 30 different types of pests, so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered!

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