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Pests are a fact of life, and they’re a part of home or business ownership that is pretty much unavoidable. Wherever we choose to go, pests have always followed, and they have always found a way to make themselves comfortable in our walls, ceilings, attics, and even in the land immediately surrounding us. Of course, pests are also more than just intimidating and unsightly—some are prolific carriers of diseases and bacteria, some are painful stingers, and others have been known to contaminate food, water, and other resources. For this reason, it’s important to fight back, and that’s exactly what the team at proof. pest control does for you.

When you’re looking for a Long Island exterminator, proof. pest control has been the name to call for years. Offering a highly-trained staff of locally-based pros, we offer a true edge when it comes to dealing with the issues that are frequently found in our New York vicinity. This means that no matter the size or scope of your project, you can rest assured we will find a fast, effective, and efficient way to get rid of it. We pride ourselves on results and on delivering a customer-focused experience that inspires confidence and provides you with unmatched value. Whether your project is large and complex or small and routine, we give it our all and help you make the best decisions for your pest prevention going forward.

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Specialty Pest Services on Long Island

Every pest problem needs to be approached with a fresh and unique perspective. Every property is different, and that means every pest issue will also be different. Different infestations of the same species on different properties will also be different, and that’s why you need a pest control team that won’t use cookie-cutter treatment options or standardized packages to protect your home. At proof. pest control, we treat your home with the unique care it deserves and always offer solutions based on the individual tendencies and characteristics of the pests you’re dealing with.

We offer solutions for all of the following:

Wasp & Hornet Nest Treatments

Wasps and hornets are destructive, intimidating, and all-too-common pests found on properties throughout the country, particularly during summer months. They tend to build their nests near, on, or even in our homes, depending on where they are able to get access to. At proof. pest control, we understand how difficult this problem can be, particularly if you or someone you know might be allergic to wasp or hornet venom. That’s why we offer solutions that attack your problem at the source for a longer-lasting and complete elimination.

We treat nests in all locations:

Outdoor nests: Often found on the eaves of your roof, near windows, or in other secluded places, these nests can grow extremely large, particularly when they are well out of reach. Our technicians have the ability to wipe out nests as high as 30 feet off the ground.

Internal nests: Wasps and hornets will sometimes build their nests in spaces between walls. These are difficult to treat, so we typically treat the outdoor entrance with a product that the workers then bring inside. Within a week or so, this wipes out the nest for good.

Ground nests: Wasps and hornets have been known to build their nests underground, making them exceedingly difficult to find. For these nests, we might treat them by digging them up, or we’ll treat the entrance and let it passively die within three to five days.

Mosquito Control on Long Island

When summer cranks up the heat and humidity, make the call to proof. pest control. We know how to find mosquitos and their nests, which are usually located near water sources like puddles, ponds, and even fountains. If you’re tired of itching and worrying about bites, make the call and let us start your treatment program today.

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